Jordan Scott

gobbledygook (a spelunk)

In frame, then frame, we Rumba smooth across the laminate as Lamprey weave
gorgonian pores. Above us, tunnels splatternite muggy, we repel, frantic drips to
harzburgites, spelunk carpal a soda straw to outwash, we – excess, wine must have
gestured influx, bent knee, hamates wicket belay, Roosa light plunder esophagus.  We
blitzed horizon, the Petzl Ecrin shed its carbon, each Trona Pinnacle dust to tonsil, our
phlegm spicules, boil saline paces until strata suffocate and the release from tile, until
Coragyp gyre, the burst of hippus, a corneal Richter, box jellyfish, fleck arrhythmic


In chassis, then exoskeleton, we Xongo smooth across the marble as eel weave coral
hole.  Above us, burrow spatternite humid, we parry, berserk trickle to harzburgites,
spelunk digit a soda straw to brackish, we – excess, wine would have signals influx,
warped patella, hamates wicket crampon, Roosa light ransack esophagus.  We assaulted
horizon, the Edelrid Ecrin shed its monoxide, each tufa spire soot to lymphoid, our
mucous spicules, bubble saline tempo until strata suffocate from thermoplastic, until
vulture pirouette, the shiver of hippus, an epithelium Richter, punch Chrionex, dapple
arrhythmic Meringue.