Jordan Scott
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What is the utterance



Aesop slop

gobbledygook (a spelunk)

Jordan Scott’s blert explore the poetics of stuttering.  Portions of blert have appeared in Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry and Companions and Horizons: an Anthology of Simon Fraser University Poetry.  Jordan’s first book of poetry, Silt, was published by New Star Books in 2005.  Jordan lives in Coquitlam BC.       

Jordan Scott: Having stuttered all of my life, blert represents a spelunk into the mouth of the stutterer, a trek across labial regions, a repel through the stalagmites of molars and canines, a lexical navigation into the cavernous poetics of what it means to stutter.  blert performs the stutter in and through language itself, enhancing the characteristics of the individual who stutters in his or her speech by invoking a stuttering in the language system as a whole.  In blert, the unique symptoms of the stutter, both sonic and physical, are utilized in order to reveal language as a rolling gait of words hidden within words, leading to granular rhythms and textures, all conducted by the mouth’s slight erosions.



I am deeply inbedted to Christian Bok and Nicole Markotic.  Love and thanks must also go to Angela Rawlings, derek beaulieu, Jason Christie and the folks in Calgary (Ranch!).