Patrick Simons

Patrick Simons is a composer and sound artist. He makes artistic enquiries into the material world and tries to communicate his findings using many different approaches to ‘knowing’.
He was a professional musician for eleven years, and also co-ordinated and managed arts projects with various culturally diverse community groups, Patrick is currently based at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall, UK where he is a part-time tutor on the MA Interactive Art & Design programme.
Producing work with new technologies since the early 1990s, he began working with new media artist, Kate Southworth on Internet art projects at the end of 2000 that explore a variety of personal, social and historical phenomena using a variety of aesthetic, political, theoretical and conceptual approaches. The space between their different approaches is Glorious Ninth.
Glorious Ninth have exhibited net art projects at galleries and museums including: Centre of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona; Evergreen Cultural Centre, British Columbia, Canada; Irish Film Centre, Dublin; Watershed Media Centre, Bristol and the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. They are featured in several net art databases including Martin Wattenberg’s Net Art Idea Line on the Whitney Museum’s site, Rhizome Artbase, and Soundtoys.