Ron Silliman

from Zyxt

                                                                                                                                        Fra il dire et fare
                                                                                                                              che il mezzo delle Mare
                                                                                                                                              -Mario Savio

                                                                                                                                         For Lyn & Leslie

                              Giant framed photograph, color closeup of anal penetration, the male cock marbleized by arousal & effort, the female genitalia similarly flushed red, blossoming, but still as if unmoved, untouched by all that nearby force, skin everywhere gleaming as tho oiled, light that banishes all shadow, hung so primly against all that white space directly over the young lady art dealer's desk (her employees struggle with an impulse to ask her if she was the model, tho, hey, everyone has opinions - she is alleged to have said once that this was the perfect piece beneath which to discuss price)

                              The flight attendant presents the safety message in a sing-song rhythm bearing no relation to the content
                              That cycle of the dryer identifiable by its rumba
                              Para (graph, site, normal)
                              There are some pores in a nerf ball
                              Through the window I see a young man running up the ornate stairs
                              Tell me a store
                              Draft, drift

                              Penguins in Burma
                              Utter beep
                              A spring without teargas is not spring
                              Your sunburned genitalia
                              Before I even realize that I've been counting the boards that compose the floor, I've reached 46
                              Thus, one by one, we attempt to extract the stone from Arthur

                              Arriving at the office even before sun up - I've driven my mother to the airport - I find myself the third one there
                              O flare fluent squire: square flayed the Swede burp sprang
                              The temple gang
                              If you pay attention, you will recognize the ph balance of your stomach
                              An ecstasy that never quite arrives

                              Unique New York
                              Unique New York
                              Unique New York

                              Connotative clean room
                              T-shirt visible under V-neck sweater
                              That familiar syncopation, basketball on hardwood (the squeak of the shoes
                              When outfitting the spy's disguise, take care for the accuracy of the pocket litter: the right coins, keys, torn tickets
                              Hair as the margin of nature on the edge of the otherwise cultivated body
                              Epic told in the second person

                              You can still see the city through the clouds but only as smeared light - technology perverse pollutions - felonious monk - name brand theory - glasses organize eyes, ears, nose into new relation (she removes her new blue wire-rim frames & might as well stand naked) - inches of rain vs. inches of snow - keys on this keyboard you realize you've never pushed

                              Trope or treat, which one
                              Days later, the name I'd been groping for finally came to me: Brenda Hillman
                              Bouquet with irritation
                              Gas undulates through your intestines
                              Einstein and Eisenstein seated at a white iron table with a glass top and center-pole umbrella, lost in conversation none of us can hear, seeming oblivious to the young, mostly naked bodies diving into or climbing out of the pool
                              Short phrase shift

                              The last morning of the millennium - Cross legs so that your balls roll over one another (flinch) - Carrots screaming as they're wrenched from the soil - Shoes are required at all times - Deconstruct power platitudes

                              In the dream I envision driving from Philadelphia to Atlanta in a single afternoon with a large (and sick) dog, but when I go to fetch the car it's on Potrero Hill
                              Through the backyard telescope the rings of Saturn are very white and flat and unmediated (only this lens, that mirror) as tho you were in its presence and not merely that of this silent jumping dog

                              Venona, calm closer, touch softly my falsified files
                              Old fart, piss & sweat smell, men's locker room at the Y
                              Penguins in butter