Antoine Schmitt

Puppet President

Artist and programmer, Antoine Schmitt stands at the crossing of abstraction and dynamic simulation. He uses programming as a essential artistic material, to create installations, online exhibitions, performances and CD-Roms, in which he confronts abstract artificial systems to visitors or performers. He builds new kind of dynamic forms by algorithmically recreating the causes of movement, the forces behind the actions, endlessly hunting down the shape of the being deep inside human nature. Just below langage, sensation is at the heart of his artworks.

This work has recently been awarded in international festivals : medi@terra (Athens, 1999), InterfÚrences (Public Jury, Belfort, 2000), transmediale (Berlin, 2001), International Festival of Video-Dance (Paris, 2002), Vida 5.0 (Mardid, 2002), machinista 2003 (Russia), CYNETart (2004 Dresden).

As a curator, member of jury, speaker and editor of the portal, Antoine Schmitt explores the field of programmed art. He is a central member of Transitoire Observable, a regrouping of artists programmers.

Antoine Schmitt lives and works in Paris (FR).

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Recent projects :

▀ nanomachine, audio and visual improvised performance
▀ Display Pixel, w/ Vincent Epplay musician, audio and visual performance
▀ le solo, audio and visual installation