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Jean-Jacques Poucel is currently an Assistant Professor of French and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Yale University where he teaches language and literature. He is the author of Jacques Roubaud and the Invention of Memory (University of North Carolina Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures, 2006) and has coedited a special issue of Yale French Studies devoted to Georges Perec

Jean-Michel Espitallier lives in Paris and works in France and abroad as a poet, editor, publisher and translator. His books include En Guerre, as well as Le Théorème d’Espitallier (Flammarion 2003) and Gasoil (Flammarion 2000). Two books are available in translation: Fantasy Butcher (grotesque) (Duration Press 2004) and Espitallier’s Theorem (Seismicity Editions 2005). Together with Vannina Maestri and Jacques Sivan, Espitallier co-founded and edits the Paris-based journal Java. In 2001, he edited a special edition of Magazine littéraire, “New French Poetry,” and has edited a popular anthology of new French poetry, Pièces détachées : une anthologie de la poésie française aujourd’hui (Pocket, 2000; 2nd edition forthcoming). He also frequently collaborates in various multimedia projects, such as the Maison d'Arthur Rimbaud in Charleville, France, and the Kunst Festival in Brussels.


Jacques Roubaud is a poet, a mathematician, a novelist, and a member of the Oulipo since 1966. Now retired, he has been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Paris X Nanterre, and a Professor of Poetics at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. His books include:  (1967), Trente et un au cube (1973) , Dors précédé de Dire la poésie (1981), Quelque chose noir (1986), 'Le grand incendie de Londres' (1989-), La boucle (1993), Poésie, etcetera: ménage (1995), La forme d'une ville change plus vite, hélas, que le coeur des humains (1999), and Churchill 40 (2004). The poems featured here are excerpts from , a collection of sonnets, anti-sonnets, sonnet variations, and sonnet abstractions.

In that book, each poem participates in three separate, intertwining sets of poetic sequences distinctly determined 1. by their place in an abstract figure, or constellation of poems, 2. by their place in a 'paragraph' of poems organized according to a pseudo-mathematical justification, and 3. by their representation of moves in an actual game of the Japanese board game, GO.


Jacques Jouet is a poet, novelist, playwright, and essayist. He joined the Oulipo in 1983 See: His recent novels include Jules et autres républiques (2004) Mon bel autocar (2003), La république de Mek-Ouyes (2001), Une réunion pour le nettoiement (2001) and Fins (1999). His poetic works include Poèmes avec partenaires (2002), Poèmes de métro, (2000), and Navet, linge, œil-de-vieux (1998). He is the author of many plays, including Vanghel (2003) and others published as La scène est sur la scène (1994) and Morceaux de théêtre (1997). A special edition of the journal SubStance (# 96, 2001) is devoted to his work and an English translation of his second novel, Mountain R, was published in 2004 by Dalkey Archive Press.

Anita Konkka lives and writes in Helsinki, Finland. She is the author of novels, essays, radio-plays, and a dream-book. Her novels Samaa sukua (The Same Family, 1985) and Johanneksen tunnustukset (The Confessions of Johannes, 1995), and Musta passi (Black Passport, 2001) address the question of Ingrian identity, a topic to which the writer returned during the Kosovo crisis. Konkka’s other novels— Irti ( Break Free, 1970), Talvi Ravennassa (Winter in Ravenna, 1986) Hullun taivaassa ( In the Fool's Paradise,1988), and Nainen unen peilissä( Woman in the Mirror of Dreams,1993)—elaborate narratives richly informed by dream studies and diverse cultural mythologies. An English translation of In the Fool's Paradise is forthcoming (Dalkey Archive Press, 2006).