Cesar Pesquera
Popular Ideas May Be Harmful (quicktime video)

Cesar Pesquera works as a director of commercials and music videos. In his work as an artist, he looks into the opportunity that technology and audiovisual languages bring us of building fiction from reality and reality from fiction, capturing fragments and experiences that, later on, when manipulated and cut into pieces, somehow allow us to reedit our own lives. That way he ponders on how these processes have a bearing in our perception of time and goes deeper into the mechanisms which relate time to concepts such as the desire as a driving force, and even death.

He has shown his work in different festivals and international events such as DOTMOV 2004 Sapporo, Japan, The 8th Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin 2004, VIPER 2002 International Festival for Film Video and New Media Basel. Switzerland, OBSERVATORI 2002. 3rd International Festival of Artistic Research of Valencia, ART FUTURA 2001. Art and New Technologies Festival. Centro de Cultura Contemporánea of Barcelona, MAD 2001. Art and New Technologies Festival Exhibition, TRANSMISSIONS FESTIVAL 004. Chicago . USA, and SONAR 2001 and 2004. Annual festival of progressive music and multimedia arts. Barcelona.