Michiel Knaven

Leonardo's Flight

Michiel Knaven ('56) is working in a wide range of arts, from photography through netart to soundart. He studied violin and photography in the eighties. In 1995 he had his first netart pieces on line. The last 10 years he has been working on "a polyphonic chronicle," a long term project in which he visually recorded an imaginary journey within the fields of music/sound and photography. Each part consists of an exhibition and an artist's book. At the end this record will "read" as one day, but through its indetermination, shows an on-going development, not excluding sidetrips to other media. The fifth and final part, "Canon," was finished in 2003. His work appeared in galleries, museums, and festivals in Europe, Japan, Brasil, and the US. He lives and works in Holland.

http:// www.michaelmedia.org