Vernon Frazer

On the Lynching Pad

Pentecostal lyricon fabric
emotes tendril dialysis stompers
gossamer echelons
threadbare to the last marsupial
candid vigor apparatus
bloated emoticon ware
a radiant shelf-life in blinding reflection
awe-filled visions of the past
caused elastic precision
amid willful invective seekers
transaction rueful semi-gloss automatic
indentured intellectual rigor
astounding as foetal foreplay
venturing from flossed benches
to seed the numenal decay
past roots of neon bleeding
ruptured sanctuaries of the hindmost
worshipers of flagellant semaphores
lighting white candle wicks
remnants of albacore foreclosure
on stated themes reckoning
imminent pilaster footage
a master of pillory static
maneuvers the blanched cart
tray facile as easy money feels
to those who squander appellants
under nights of gray conjecture
causing elastic derision
among placenta molecules
fibroid in their vernal insistence
on the sphere of cryogenic triads
smug in suspended immortality
raised fourth blood and risen
as chicle sticks in gravid rumination
molecules speculating rumors
of deep heat rendered tepid
as the forthcoming center
passing vibrant beats
over sleeping hormones
staggering in search of exegesis
and its cult followers
or mineral starch applicants in process
encumbered variables request notice
of votive numbers restless as lottery pickets
grooming hybrid granite arches
swaggering over prospective entrants
entreating the fallacious esplanades
to feet of flattened treachery
or accidentals berating harmonic entries
at the scaffold where futures long