Jennifer Ferraro and Latif Bolat translate
Kul Hasan (Hasan Dede)
E_ref o_lu al haberi

(In Turkish)

E_ref o_lu al haberi
Bahçe b¦z¦m gül bizdedir
B¦z de Mevlan¦n kuluyuz
Yetmi_ iki dil bizdedir

Erlik midir eri yormak
Irak yoldan haber sormak
Cennetteki ol dört ¦rmak
Co_kun akan sel bizdedir

Adam vard¦r cismi semiz
Aptes al¦r olmaz temiz
Halk¦ dahleylemek nemiz
Bilcümle vebal bizdedir

Ar¦ vard¦r uçup gezer
Teni tenden seçüp gezer
Canan b¦zden kaçup gezer
Ar¦ biziz bal bizdedir

Kimi sofi kimi hac¦
Cümlemiz Kakka duac¦
Rasulü ekremin Tac¦
Aba, H¦rka, _al bizdedir

Biz erenler gerçe_iyiz
Hasbahçenin çiçe_iyiz
Haç¦ Bekta_ köçe_iyiz
Edep, erkan, yol bizdedir

Kuldur Hasan dedem kuldur
Manay¦ söyleyen dildir
El¦f Hakka do_ru yoldur
Cim ararsan dal bizdedir

Here is the News

Here is the news, so listen up:
We are the garden and the rose is in us;
We are the servant of the Beloved--
Seventy-two languages are in us.

Is it fair to tire out one who's fair?
To be asking always what's over there?
We should remember and proceed with care
since all four rivers of paradise and this rushing flood are in us.

There are some whose bodies are lovely and strong
but when they do the ablution they get it all wrong;
Our words and our deeds will always belong
to us--all the responsibilities for them are in us.

There is a bee which flies and flits around,
he chooses what skin will be his ground;
Our beloved escapes from us and flies around--
We are the bee, the honey is in us.

Some are orthodox, others are not;
For Truth, we are grateful and give thanks a lot!
The crown of the Prophet* is what we've got--
His cloak and his shawl are in us.

We are the truth of the gnostic knowers,
The garden of all gardens-its mystic flowers!
Of Hadji Bektash*, the skillful dancers--
Good manners, rightness and the Path are in us.

Hasan Dede is just a servant here;
It is the tongue which tells the meanings clear.
The letter Elif is the path to truth, so hear:
How if you ask Cim, then Dal* is in us.

* Kul Hasan (Hasan Dede) lived in the 17th century and was a folk poet of the Bektashi lineage of dervishes.
*In this translation I decided to use the original rhyme scheme.
*Prophet- Prophet Muhammad
*Hadji Bektash Veli of 13th century Turkey was the most heterodox of mystics of the time period in Turkey. He is the founder of the Bektashi Order of Dervishes, one of the many Sufi orders which follows a path of mystical union with the Beloved (Allah).
*Elif, Cim and Dal are letters in the Arabic alphabet. Elif is the first letter, the 'A' of Arabic.