Dan Waber and Dave Grey
anomia, for

Dan Waber is a poet and multimedia artist who spends an absurd amount of time trying to get words to do the simple things he asks of them. His past efforts have appeared in print, in performance, and in digital and gallery exhibitions in places like MÖBIUS, Recursive Angel, Vispo, Riding The Meridian, the 'Future ForWord', 2002 Seattle Poetry Festival/'Bumbershoot2003' art and music festivals, the Electronic Poetry Center and more. His series of animated poems, Strings, appears on the syllabi of Hypermedia/New Media classes worldwide (and makes people smile, too).

When he isn't on the Undernet's #poetry channel hiding behind the nick [brick], he's probably involved in a performance, a reading, a workshop, and/or working on the abecedarium that is logolalia.com. His day job has nothing to do with poetry, but at night and on the weekends, he becomes the fearless editor at Paper Kite Press.


Strings Mark II


Dave Grey specializes in ad hoc problem solving of all kinds, including but not limited to digital manipulation of images to match his roommate's vague and/or nebulous gesticulations and verbalizations and magically pulling audio rabbits out of visual hats.