Christina McPhee 
Aphasia + Parrhesia: Code and Speech in the Neural Topologies of the Net

Christina McPhee was born in Los Angeles in 1954. Influenced in childhood by her family's move to a remote great plains town, she began to work in large-scale paintings and drawings that dealt with isolation, sense of place, and the trace of memory. While studying with Philip Guston at Boston University for the MFA degree, she developed a painting syntax that implicated layers of time in landscape.

McPhee creates works that imply abandonment and clarity at the edge of disappearance, amnesia, and the uncanny. Her installations become performances that instantiate artifacts of memory within the landscape of their own echoes. The sense of place registers multiple layers of drawing, digital photography, video and painting.

Among international venues, McPhee's work has shown at the ICA New Media Center, Transport Gallery, Los Angeles; and at new media film festivals, including back_up, Bauhaus, University Weimar and Victoria Film Festival, Victoria, British Columbia.

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