Aphasia and the Arts  
Christophe Casamassima

Richard Harteis
Gwyneth Lewis
Vijay Seshadri
Susan Wheeler

La Citta' Dei Carillons (n V)
by Stefano Giannotti

Finding the Words by Ann Barnes
Tell Me by Cris Mazza
One December by Elinore Mazza
Aphasia + Parrhesia by Christina McPhee
Metaphor and Metonymy by John Phillips
APHAsIA by Marc Froment-Meurice
A History of the Aphasia Community Group of Boston by Jerome Kaplan

Aphasic symptoms
include word-finding difficulty and full-blown speech distortion, incomplete structural differentiation, blurred figure-ground discrimination, and the absence of formative processing. Taken as a medical condition, these symptoms can be personally devastating, but seen in another light, as the basis for making art, these very aspects can be productive... >MORE