Stefano Giannotti
La Citta' Dei Carillons (ní V).

Stefano Giannotti Composer, author, guitarist and performer. He studied╩ composition with Pietro Rigacci and he was the assistant of Alvin Curran in "Crystal Psalms" and "Tufo Muto". Between 1983 and 1990 he performed in several European countries with the chamber music group "Trio Chitarristico Lucchese". In 1997 he started a collaboration with the Italian coreographer Roberto Castello. Between 1998 and 1999, he lived in Berlin as guest of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program). In the year 2000 he has been guest of the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf with a Stipend of the Ministerium of Brandeburg. In the year 2002 he has been invited in Worpswede with a stipend of the Ministerium of the Niedersachsen and he has won the Karl-Sczuka-Preis (SWR, Baden-Baden) with his work IL TEMPO CAMBIA.

His repertoire ranges from performance, radio-art, dance theatre to chamber music, orchestral scores and songs. Landscape, memory, life cycles, voices of people, languages; these are some of the main themes developed in Giannotti's work.

His compositions have been performed in: Festival Internazionale Teatro d'Arte (Narni 1989), G.A.M.O. (Florence 1989), Stichting Logos (Gent 1991 and 1999),"Macrophon '91 and '94" (Wroclaw), "Wings of Sound" (Helsinki 1993), "Sounding Islands" (Faroer Islands 1995), "Musica per le Stelle" (Costa degli Etruschi 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000), "Strade Contemporanee" (Lucca 1997), "Neue Italienische Musikszene" (Berlin 1998), Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (Berlin 1999), Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf (Wiepersdorf 2000), Museum of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, 2000),╩ Children's Future (Yokohama, 2001), ISCM World Music Days (Hong Kong 2002), Donaueschinger Musiktage (2002), Maerz Musik Festival (2003), Voix Nouvelles (2003), etc.

Since 2001 he has held training courses on the history of experimental music in our century with a particular attention to the new languages of contamination between music, radio, theatre. Recently he has started developing video-projects (video-art, short movies).

Productions and collaborations with: RAI Radio 1, RAI Radio 3, Polskie Radio, Magyar Radio, O.R.F., Radio France Culture, Danish Radio, WDR Koeln, SFB, Deutschland-Radio Berlin, Saarlaendicher Rundfunk, Suedwestdeutsch Rundfunk, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Other collaborations with: Peter Ablinger (D), Guido Arbonelli (I), Michael Augustin (D), Thomas Bloch (F), Roberto Castello (I), Enzo Fabiani String Quartet (SLO), Hugo Hamilton (IRL), Peter Machajdôk (SK), Andreas F. Mueller (D), Harmonia Ensemble (I), Alan Tschertschessow (RUS), Yuan Shun (China), Birgit Ramsauer, etc


Il Tempo Cambia