Marc Froment-Meurice

Marc Froment-Meurice
Born in Tokyo, October 30, 1953.
French citizen and US resident.
Married 3 times, 3 daughters.
2 doctorates in philosophy: 1979, on John Cage and Heidegger; 1992, on Heidegger's Poetics, partially published as That Is To Say. Heidegger's Poetics (Stanford U. P., 1998).

Professor of French (literature and philosophy) at Vanderbilt University since 1996. His books reflect a philosophical approach to literature and in particular poetry: Tombeau de Trakl (1992); Solitudes: From Rimbaud to Heidegger (1995); La Chimere : Tombeau de Nerval (2001); Incitations (2002). His last book, to be published in Paris in 2006, is devoted to 'deconstruction' after Derrida's death : D. Fugues en Derrida majeur. For more information, see:

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