Joseph Chaikin
from Struck Dumb: A Letter from God

from Struck Dumb: Final Scene

Joseph Chaikin founded the Open Theater in 1963, one of the most influential theater groups in the United States. A six-time Obie Award recipient, among numerous awards, Joe is considered one of the worlds most influential theater directors. In 1984 he experienced a stroke during heart surgery and was born to the world of aphasia. During his recovery process, he collaborated with Jean-Claude van Itallie on "Struck Dumb," an internal monologue. The central character is ADNAN, born in Lebanon, but now living in Venice, California. A former opera singer, ADNAN becomes aphasic and is reborn to language and the world. Joe has performed this piece numerous times, including at "Faces Aphasia" at Boston University in February, 2000. He continued to direct, most recently Sam Shepherd's play "The Late Henry Moss."

Joseph Chaikin passed away in September, 2003.

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