Elizabeth Block


(A prose poem film text series for the 16mm experimental-short film that proposes a dyslexic re-interpretation and literary un-translation of found William Faulkner prose)

That this in eye loses watching, sense and sight doze, blur(s) itself like the earth, all its bored and peaceful lapses between day and night-measured already thread onto spool rewound.

Believes memory before knowing remembers. Believes recollects longer than even wonder knows. Knows under remembers a corridor-believes-in a garbled cold long echoing of a building red brick dark, sootbleakened soot by chimneys more than its own, in grassless strewnpackedcinder surrounded compound by a factory smoking purlieus by a foot ten wire-and-steel enclosed penitentiary like a fence or a zoo, random in erratic surges, trebling sparrow child-like identical orphans in denim blue out of in remembering but constant in knowing the bleak as walls, windows, in where rain soot-the adjacent annual chimneys black tears-like streaked.

Would be his life own privilege this, this belief, and all that would ever be required of him in payment for this belief and a belief that superior is the race white to all men a sublime and implicit faith in courage physical and obedience blind the burden which of now he assumes in carried is bright and weightless and marshaled as his brass insignatory completely now freed of ever having again having uncomplex to think or decide or: inescapable as a barren corridor, could see he now his opening life before him.

Just within the door came she, stood there a moment, her under a bonnet and rusty black oftenbrushed dress, palm leaf fan and umbrella her in hand, with eyes queer something, if as she heard whatever she saw immediate through a manvoice or shapeman, if as the medium she were and the ruthless vigorous the control husband the.

Bobbie here kid here your comb here's your you forgot it here's Romeo chicken feed jesus too he have tap Sunday they must school 'til on the way on it Bobbie's now didn't you see give it him it her Bobbie's didn't you see big hearted old that's right kid up it pick you can see it as installment as an in souvenir or ah something what don't she well it wrong that says too bad now tough that's we but cant leave it lay floor on the here it'll rot a whole floor in the it's already helped me to rot one whole pretty size it's big for an any size hey Bobbie kid hey ill sure keep just for it like hell bobby you will well I mean ill keep half it of for leave bobby it for you bastards there do you what want with it with it belongs it to him he doesn't use money he doesn't ask bobby need it if money he needs give they it to him that the rest of us have to it for pay leave it there it I say like hell mine ain't this bobbies its leave to it neither yours unless jesus sweet go in your tell me to he owes jack you too that has he been f***ing behind you to my back on credit leave said I chase it go it yourself but ain't five six or bucks apiece then the blonde woman stood above him and stooping he quietly watching lifted she skirt her and took bank notes tap from the stockings of her she folded flat a bank notes of and removed one and stopped and thrust into the pocket fob his then she was gone Out git git out out git here ain't ready yet you hear yet yourself yet to kimono put that in and your clothes and face powder your face and bring again bag ma and hat in here and now you go and take them and Bobbie in the bags and car in the get and wait for me max and think I'm you outta herell for jesus sweet does it what want it he.