Iain Britton


He giveth his beloved sleep
means this bastard
buried beneath kikuyu grass
looking up at every person
who comes to stare
at his grey sedimentary face
telling the literate
who he is
when he died
who's got him boxed in
on this hill on his own
tells me more about him
ubiquitous like a shiver
in the wind
a diver of precipices
of pure unrestrained choices
living invisibly

sheathed unsheathed
or like me
dressed for the weather
in and out of worlds
to be touched untouched.

He has the advantage of
actively defying gravity
or being intrusive as an idea
dropped from a great height.

At home I have this photograph
of a meandering river
some green hills
and if that's not him
standing to one side
back on semi-profiled
then who is it

sticking his finger
in the eye of what I see?