Lila Yomtoob
Movement: In Three Parts (Abridged)

Lila Yomtoob makes art in the form of movies. She is a resident alien in the film industry, working as an assistant sound editor on some major motion pictures and some not so major. She has a job as a craftsperson but she's all artist inside. Lila made a feature length narrative improvisational movie called "High Life." It's quite good. If you are interested in seeing it, you can e-mail her at and she will send you a videotape, or you can visit to learn more about it. Miss Yomtoob attended NYU film school as an undergraduate but she will tell you that she really learned how to make films at CSSSA, and by reading manuals and writing down her dreams. She wishes to thank Mrs. Margaret Hoover, her piano teacher during youth, who taught her everything there is to know about discapline (but not spelling!), and how to glide one's hands gracefully accross any kind of keyboard. Miss Yomtoob has won some awards for different things, but most importantly is happy that her friends like her. Thanks to MM for putting this on drunkenboat!