Philip Wood
Sign 69

Philip Wood Philip Wood (MA), is a british artist/designer born in 1960 in Hong Kong. He was a founder member of the abysmal web project and a commercial web designer with agencies such as Originally a traditional fine artist, he has been experimenting with random animation loops since he got his first computer in1991 (a mac se) and an early copy of director, which allowed him to create simple animations manipulated by random scripting and which he has published on various homepages since 1995.  

    "the visible is the manifestation of the invisible" eliphas levi

The nature of the internet as a communications medium means that the web environment has provided convenient resources for pieces either by recycling online materials or developing work as a result of online exchanges. The mysteries of remote creativities and communications and alienation from the usual fractured media/political environments have led me to an introverted exploration of metaphysical issues which are kind of parallel to current popular fictions such as matrix or harry potter. My current multimedia project kabala-karavan is about the notion of influencing macro events through micro occult rituals. homepage
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