Eddy Seesing
Top Managers

Eddy Seesing was born 1964 in Herwen en Aerdt, The Netherlands (NL). He studied Audio-Visual Design at the Academy of Design in Tilburg, NL and photography with Magnum photographer Martin Parr. Seesing runs the one-stop video production company Steddy.

About Top Managers
My experience as a tax consultant led me to this subject. During my two year career as a tax consultant I was strongly confronted with the strict hierarchy and the elements of status that were used to confirm your position in the organization. The size of your office, your chair, the list-price of your company car, the sort of suit you wear…….
I searched for ways to express this phenomenon and decided it would be best achieved by depicting the men who occupy the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the largest Dutch companies (Top 100), together with some of the above mentioned elements of status.
At the time I started this series I became very much interested in the German "Neue Sachlichkeit" photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher and Thomas Ruff. They inspired me to execute this series in such a formal way.
By photographing these different people in exactly the same way I give the viewer the opportunity to compare these men with one another and to carefully study similarities and differences.
The fact that they stand next to the chair they use, depicted from head to toe, lends a vulnerable element to the image. Standing next to the throne, one step removed from the seat of power. The chair symbolizes status, but also refers to the increasing mobility of labor and the diminishing uniqueness of these captains of industry, which makes them easier to replace. In technique and design I use the language of advertising, presenting the managers as corporate images in illuminated street furniture style boxes of 1.25 x 1.25 meters per box.