Cary Peppermint
Sincerity Lecture

Cary Peppermint is a performance artist involved with immersive environments of convergent media. His work flows through organic and new media technologies, incorporating live performance, interactive installations, experimental music, and the internet. At the most basic level, Peppermint's works are concerned with mediation and the reduction of space and time. Peppermint's works comprise some of the first real-time, interactive performance art realized via the internet including The Mashed Potato Supper conceived in 1995 as part of Edinburgh's Fringe Film and Video Festival (E96 and Conductor Number One included in PORT: Navigating Digital Culture at MIT List Visual Arts Center in 1996. Peppermint lives in New York where he releases work through his performative online database of convergent media at
A Sincerity Lecture is a selection from an upcoming CD release (April 2004) of audio material or "techno-lectures" from Peppermint's "Conductor" performances. Conductor performances set up paradoxical situations for experiencing the presence of the physical performer while also experiencing the distance imposed by the mediation of the video transmission or what he considers, with regard to the Conductor series, "spectral technologies." Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. Soon thereafter the phonograph began to be referred to as the "ghost box." The ghost box produced voices from people who did not exist... at least in physical presence. At a lecture Peppermint attended in 2001, at Columbia University, Jaques Derrida stated that "culture is of the dead." To reproduce the "live" event is to be involved with the work of the "dead", the very act of entombment. Peppermint thinks of his role as performer as that of "medium" and the "Conductor" as something of a séance.