Larry Carlson


Larry Carlson is a multimedia artist. Working with computers he creates amazing art that is completely mind blowing. Fans have praised him as a psychedelic genius, Tech TV called him "the Salvador Dali of the next century," and High Times magazine labeled him an "artistic mastermind". Larry is internationally recognized as one of the most talented and original web designers in the world today. His website is at the vanguard of taking the internet to the next level.
As well as making websites, Larry also performs a live show of his original visuals to packed houses around the world, playing alongside with such musical acts as The Kottonmouth Kings, Aphrodite and Sky Lab 2000.
Larry has been honored with numerous site of the day awards, is the subject of a recent High Times Magazine article and has been featured in television shows on Tech TV and European NOW TV.
His digital images and multi media art is in private collections around the world and is currently being exhibited at several offline and online art galleries and museums. Recently his websites, and Medijate have been shown in museums in Brazil and France.
Larry Carlson is having a show of his new digital images and collages at the
Koi Gallery
125 Havemeyer @ Grand , Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
opening reception, Saturday, February 7, 7-11pm
(show goes until end of Feb)