Levent Yilmaz translated from the Turkish by Ünal Aytür

> Saturn

> The Ultimate Land  originally published on Locus Novus

Levent Yilmaz studied communications at Ankara University. DEA on historiography at the EHESS (Paris). He completed his Ph.D. dissertation at EHESS on the Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns and Historical Time. He is a member of the editorial board of Yapi Kredi Publications and he also works as editorial adviser at Actes Sud. He translated Philippe Jaccottet, W.B. Yeats and C.E. Gadda and many others into turkish and prepared the turkish translation of Yves Bonnefoy’s Dictionnary of Mythologies. Translations from The Last Country are published on the Grand Street, Raritan and www.locusnovus.com.
Books : Hayâl ile F¦rt¦na (Image and Tempest, Gece Yay., 1991), Anthologie de la Poésie Turque Contemporaine (The Book of Contemporary Turkish Verse, with J. Pinquié, Editions Publisud, 1991), ’45 Sonras¦ Frans¦z _iiri Antolojisi (The Book of French Poetry after 1945, YKY, 1993), Kay¦p Ruhlar _simsiz Adalar (Lost souls and nameless islands, YKY, 1993), Kaplan Zaman¦ ve Geçi_ (Time of the Tiger and Passage, Alt¦K¦rkbe_, 1997). Sonülke is bringing together the new title The Last Country and three previous ones (YKY, 2000).