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Thousand times folded images of a swan shimmers over the screens of several parallel connected TV sets. Multiplication and diversion render a view of a timeless parallelistic environment. Many small parts may also get one whole impression over time. Nonimmersive, passive, sound originating from rubber balls thrown against the huge basin of the water tower. Processed using realtime audio software. Interactive in a subconscious way. Low volume. Naturally mixed with the high frequency sinus waves of the ancient TV sets when spit out by their cheap speakers. An intuitive interactive entanglement.

The installation took place in the basin of a former water tower in Vienna.

Realized by Machfeld members Sabine Maier, Michael Mastrototaro, Simone M. Paischer, and Martin Pi.

Video by Sabine Maier.

Machfeld is a Vienna based artistic network founded in 1997. Besides collecting and presenting art pieces from other artists (coming from all over the world), Machfield works primarily—but not solely—in video, streaming media, media art, software art, photo, sound, installation and poetry. Macheld resembles a stream, not a position, an attitude, not a decision. Recently, Machfeld works have been shown in Austria, U.S.A., Poland, Israel, Chzechia and on diverse sites on the net. Constantly online events take place at www.machfeld.net.