Gold, Frankenstein, and Mirth


The drawing room was empty     only a moment before, my anger had subsided

I took out my gold cigarette-lighter     tapped the cigarette on the side of it

and then began to laugh     I could still argue about it, I said, but I won't

how much longer is the slaughter to continue?     his gesture made everyone jump


With pleasure I fixed my eye on the bright moon     a fan of branches

roused the embers     a mist covered both the plain and the surrounding mountains

you've only got one pair of hands, silly daddy     I spent nearly two hours

crossing the field of ice     I couldn't see her face, but she had a long, slender neck


He wasn't a patient man     I smiled at the recollection     the melancholy impression

I received from the objects around me     she was very young and had a great deal of black hair

his pipe smelled unsually strong and acrid     I was hurried away by fury

you really do need a drink, I said     everything was silent, except the leaves of the trees


In the adjacent room, someone was playing Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" on the violin

it was hard to keep the anger from my voice     my hands from around

his scrawny neck     you can't avoid it, but you have to avoid it     the waters of the lake

were placid     did this prognosticate peace or did it mock at my unhappiness?


She gave me a cold, mirthless smile     the door was half open and the light was on

she had sharp breasts under a ribbed jumper     I jerked my hand away     the pang was over, his

sufferings at an end forever     come with me, to order the horses I hadn't felt so close to her

since we were first married     you sliced me loose and said it was Creation