A n d r i j a   I l i c    

Village Drenovo,  Serbia,  1997

Mountain  Kopaonik, Serbia, 1997

Mother, Kosovo, 1998

Malishevo,  Kosovo,  1998

NATO air attack on Pancevo, 1999

The siren to caution of aerial danger was  sounded 146 times during the 78 days of  NATO intervention against Yugoslavia, Belgrade, 1999

Merdare, Kosovo, 1999

Parliaments entrance, Belgrade, 2000

Belgrade, Serbia, 2000

Bogojavljanje, Belgrade, 2000

New Years poem, Cerevajka, Serbia, 2000/01

Police is pushing out sympathisers of
Miloshevic, to clear up the entrance of his house for special police action, Belgrade, 2001

Preshevo, Serbia, 2001

Mountain  Zlatibor,  Serbia, 2002

Andrija Ilic's work has also been published in numerous books, monographs and other social and documentary publications, postcards, wall posters.... He participated in projects of NGO`s : Next Stop from Denmark, Fractal from Yugoslavia, Community Self-Determination Instute from USA, as well as in the Alchemy of Peacebuidling Conference in Dubrovnik 2002.
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