Kenneth Goldsmith is the author of No. 111 2.7.93-10.20.96 (The Figures,
1997) and 73 Poems, a collaboration with vocalist Joan La Barbara (book 1994
by Permanent Press, compact disc 1994 by Lovely Music, Ltd.). His visual
works have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Goldsmith is
the editor of UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry, a
DJ at 91.1 WFMU in New York City, and a music critic at New York Press.

Artforum says of Kenneth Goldsmith's hybrid of poetry, music and visual art
that "Goldsmith's work reverses the art-for-art's sake endgame practiced by
language artists in the 60's and makes the language-of-power appropriators
of the 70's and 80's seem a little constipated ... By putting a unique spin
on the rap technique of sampling, Goldsmith provides a tantalizing snapshot
of the zeitgeist."

Goldsmith has widely exhibited his work in museums and galleries throughout
the United States and Europe. Selected recent shows have included the John
Post Lee Gallery in New York City, Galerie Metropole in Austria, The List
Center for the Visual Arts at MIT in Boston, The Drawing Center in New York
City, The Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive for Concrete and Visual Poetry in
Miami Beach, and Sue Spaid Fine Art in Los Angeles. He is represented by the
John Post Lee Gallery in New York City.

He has received grants from The National Endowment for the Arts, Artist's
Space Artist Grant, and a Residency Fellowship from the Banff Center for the

He has collaborated with Cheryl Donegan in performances at Franklin Furnace, BACA Downtown, P.S. 122, The Knitting Factory, and The Banff Center for the Arts. In addition he has given readings of his texts at 303 Gallery, 101 Thompson Street, and The Sculpture Center, WNYC. Current and future collaborations include: A text-based couture clothing collaboration with New York City fashion designer Sylvia Heisel, which was featured in February
1993 Vogue, collaborative illustrations for a book of poetry, Tizzy Boost,
by L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poet Bruce Andrews, to be published by The Figures
(summer 1993), and a multi-media collaboration with the San Francisco-based
composer Sam Ashley.

Goldsmith lives in lower Manhattan with his wife, video artist and painter
Cheryl Donegan, and the Boxer, Babette.