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What makes a house a home and how does this change if you cannot leave?
Home Maker is the result of a Year of the Artist residency, which took place in the homes of four housebound older people in South Derbyshire, UK.
Finlay spent time with each of the four people, getting to know them and making panoramic portraits of them which have now become part of an interactive, navigable online environment.
By exploring the environment the viewer can visit Florrie, Roy, Betty and Lilian in their own living rooms and experience their histories, preoccupations and passions in the form of hidden mini video documentaries embedded in the online space.

Jeanie Finlay makes work from a variety of mediums but predominantly utilised digital media. She frequently works in collaboration with members of the public, gathering opinions and stories through interviews and online-questionnaires which feed directly into the creation of new work. Often exploring emotive themes, her recent work has examined beauty, the home and love with passionate, personal and humorous results.
Finlay set up the artist-led organisation Ruby Digital Arts and Design in 1996 to initiate new projects and collaborate with artists and partner organisations. The commercial arm of Ruby creates exciting and vibrant digital design for printed graphics and the web.


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