M a c   D u n l o p

Sex and Death Radio Phone in   [ REAL Player required]

"Sex and Death Radio phone-in" was developed and broadcast as a radio poem. Some of its humour lies in the variety of (mostly Scottish voices "phoning in" from all over the world). Mostly however, sex and death is about the human comedy, rather than tragedy. It belongs to a series of structured and improvised dialogues that crop up from time to time in my work, where recorded voice—as opposed to writing—is the initial creative media.

Mac Dunlop (Canada, UK)

Artist / Poet (MA Fine Art)
Mac's work ranges across various disciplines. His video work has been exhibited as part of international touring exhibitions. A regular presence on the Bristol, and UK poetry performance scene Mac also publishes poetry electronically to subscribers and to to a variety of internet publications. He is a founding member of the International Artist Collaboration project "...here nor there..." and recently worked with Neil Jenkins on the generative poetry engine 'Orbital' which will feature in the academic journal of electronic arts: Leonardo in the coming year.
Currently, Mac is developing the Sign Hear project - promoting the use of Sign Language on the internet, and within that, researching the common ground between the visual language of Sign and the visual language of video & film. Presently Mac is involved in organising "ViSign", a Sign Language Film Festival which will be held at the Watershed Media Center in Bristol, UK (October 3-4th 2003) collaboration with VS1. http://www.signhear.net