V I E W   P A S T   I S S U E S :

>4: Spring 2002
An ensemble of innovative work including Jonathan Minton's algorithmic poetry, Sue Kwock Kim's evocative utterance, Stanza's interactive Soundscraper, Isabelle Hayeur's uncertain landscapes, Paul Stephens' philippic against America's poet laureate and Sarah Davis' dexterous prose.

: Fall/Winter 2001

A double issue featuring more than fifty contributors, with a special emphasis on ethnopoetics and international representation.

>2: Winter/Spring 2001
Eleven excellent visual artists, four sound artists and a highly selective offering of writing including the poetry of Alberta Turner, David Lehman and more.

>1: Summer/Fall 2000
Our debut, assembling poetry, prose and interactive web-works in the same space. Featuring digital photos by painter/sculptor David Humphrey, hypertext by Lisa Bloomfield and a big selection of writing ranging from the quirky to the somber.