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Quantum-dot-tagged microbeads for
multiplexed optical coding of Biomolecules

II. Section B. Demonstration of clamping procedure, types of clamps, recording of data, and methods of closing the incision. Essentially the product of fissures, abrupt descents, and broken contours, the misshapen and craglike language described there marks a circle; it refers to itself and is folded back on a questioning of its limits - as if it were nothing more than a small strobe, sheets soiled by dreams of taste, our screams resonating in a dark room. All of it exalts your hungry body. Hence the correlation of the body and the gesture. 3. Complex anomalies, serious in appearance and anatomical relation, but posing no obstacle to the accomplishing of any function, and not apparent to the exterior. Functional biomaterials databases - those at least with a degree of sophisticated back-end programming - do not consist simply in teaching or imposing a series of particular gestures; they impose the best relation between a gesture and the overall position of the body. They have received a particular name, designated as "Heterotaxy," which indicates their principal character. Let your eyes float on the waves. You know my angular body.

II. Section D. Demonstration of remote-assisted CD-ROM operative techniques, including the vascular clamping procedure. The body-object articulation defines each of the relations that the body must have with the object that it manipulates. Between them it outlines a meticulous meshing, sometimes more violent, sometimes more dirty. This is an example of what might be called the instrumental coding of the body. From my room where tears sleep silently in my bed, whose eyelids were kissed by flies. In manipulating the viscera, blunt, flat instruments should be used. For any abdominal operative procedure, the abdomen is shaven and cleansed with alcohol. Heterotaxies are very remarkable in that they present a modification, at mutiple points, of the interior organization, without modifying in any way their function or their external morphology. Along legs across fallen eyes submerged in drunken night spit. The surgical instruments are clean, although not necessarily sterile. However the silk suture material (000) is sterilized. This new object is defined by the natural body, the bearer of forces and the seat of duration; it is the body susceptible to specified operations, which have their order, their stages, their internal conditions, their constituent tactics.

III. Equipment. A. Restraining clamping table (sterilized metal) with Head-Mounted Display (HMD) visual cortex sedation software. B. Sodium pentobarbital (10mg/ml) with air-pressure injector. C. Restraining clamps, surgical scissors (remote), hemostat, pliable-forceps, surgical sponges (4" x 4"). D. Saline (0.85%). E. Silk suture (000) with cutting-needle. F. Tracheal suction apparatus with polygonal-model biomonitor. G. Biliary clamps with longitudinal serrations. This political investment of the body is bound up, in accordance with complex reciprocal relations, with its technological morphology; but, on the other hand, its constitution as a complex anomaly is possible only if it is caught up in a system of subjection (meticulously wrapped, prepared, in coagulated dreams, your body also glides drawn far out over a glistening condensation). The musculature is closed with interrupted sutures, and the skin is closed with wound clips: a liquid monochrome octopus struggles on my striped leg.

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