issue 4: spring 2002

stanza Stanza
> Soundscraper
series of six multi sound environments

Soundscraper..... a new type of image and a new type of painting. A definition could be; "a self contained online image experience". They react to users and are in turn influenced by the users movement. You can click through areas and also drag with the mouse down to move through three d.
Stanza is an artist who deals with net art, multimedia, electronic music and painting. Most of his work can be viewed from www.stanza.co.uk. Most recent exhibitions include Sao Paulo Biennale on the theme of metropolis in Brazil and Zeppelin in Barcelona. The main stanza site features lots of work including, the internet art project, The Central City as well as lots of soundtoys, interactive movies, gallery of fine art. Also online are paintings, photos and conceptual pieces from 1984 to the present day.
http://www.stanza.co.uk (Fine art and interactive digital art)
http://www.thecentralcity.co.uk (my internet specific art project version 3)
http://www.amorphoscapes.com (my interactive audio visual generative paintings)
http://www.soundtoys.net (online gallery for audio visual arts, curated by stanza)
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