issue 4: spring 2002

bird Salt18 Mark Swartz, Susanna Harwood Rubin, May Lin, Renick Bell
> The Silence of Noise

Salt18's The Silence of Noise is an experimental interrogation of text, image, and sound that takes place on the Web. The text documents an interrogation (between cop and witness, or perhaps between shink and patient), while the hand-drawn images interrogate the text in search of odd juxtapositions and unintended humor. The unsettling noises on the soundtrack participate in the interrogation as something considerably more than sound effects. You are also a participant, for you don't just scroll through The Silence of Noise, you direct its unwieldy passage through time and across the screen. Salt18 is a multimedia arts collective dedicated to unconventional narrative projects. The shifting roster of members are bursting with stories and believe in the evolution of new forms and in the magic produced when the right story meets the right form. In hot pursuit of the right form, Salt18 entangles and redefines literature, drawing, photography, installation, Net art, and other new and old media.
The writer, Mark Swartz, lives in Brooklyn has a novel forthcoming from City Lights. Susanna Harwood Rubin is a New York artist with work in numerous public and private collections. The animator, May Lin, is an artist from Taiwan who now lives in New York. Renick Bell is a digital musician from Texas, now living in Taiwan.

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