issue 4: spring 2002

MASS Ensemble
> Clear Span

Clear Span was recorded on the roof of Mies van der Rohe's Crown Hall in Chicago, IL, during a residency at IIT in May of 2001. "Clear Span" appears on MASS Ensemble's latest enhanced CD, Acoustics and Light.

Formed in 1994,
MASS is an ensemble of musicians, dancers and visual artists who combine their talents to create a sonic and visual performance. The ensemble's originally invented sculptural instruments and installations provide the landscape for the dancers and musicians to interact, creating a dynamic and striking event. MASS' central instrumentation consists of The Earth Harp and the Long Bow. These pieces lend a fluid / dynamic physicality to the kinetic elements of the performance. Choreography is created through the act of playing on and around the giant sculptural instruments. The intricate symphonic sounds of the long-stringed instruments are akin to an electronic harp or violin. The combination of cello, percussion, other traditional and invented instruments, and dance create an eclectic experience. MASS Ensemble is a unique musical performance. An eclectic mix of contemporary classical, eastern music, world music, flamenco, primal rhythms, ethnic folk music, Baroque and Renaissance music, along with ambient music influences the group. The compositions explore tonal and melodic dynamics, which reference classical genres and music from different cultures.

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