issue 4: spring 2002

Ravi Shankar has recently relocated to Groton, Connecticut. He has published poems in such journals as the Paris Review, Gulf Coast, Lit, The Massachusetts Review, Descant and The Western Humanities Review, has taught at Columbia University and Queens College, and held fellowships at Ragdale and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. You can find an interview with him in the March issue of Jacket http://www.jacket.zip.com.au/jacket16/dev-iv-shank.html and an anthology of Asian-American writing he helped co-edit in Big City Lit http://www.nycbigcitylit.com/sep2001/default.htm. He is currently reviewing poetry for the the Contemporary Poetry Review http://www.cprw.com/. He has worked at various times as a teacher, bartender, copy-editor, knife salesman and instigator. He does not play the sitar.

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