Janez Strehovec  

Janez Strehovec received his Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1988 in Aesthetics. Since 1993 he has been working as principal researcher at the projects Theories of Cyberarts and Theories of Cyberculture, both supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Science and Technology. His recent research project involved in the National Research Program for the next three years is Theories of Internet Culture and Internet Textuality. In the nineties he taught Sociology of Popular Culture at two faculties of University of Ljubljana. He is the author of five books in the field of cultural studies and aesthetics published in Slovene. His books include Technoculture, the Culture of Techno (1998) dealing with the subject of techno not just as a lifestyle issue and music movement but as a crucial principle of the recent artificial realities. He has also written in journals such as the Journal of Popular Culture, the Popular Culture Review, A-r-c and CTheory, and has presented his papers at various international conferences in Europe and the United States. His essay Moving Words (On the theory of web literary objects) was published in The Cybertext Yearbook 2001 (Ed. by M. Eskelinen & R. Koskimaa). He also deals with poetry, both as theoretician and poet, and has published three books of poems in Slovenia. His hobbies are mountain biking, backpacking and alpine climbing. Every year he spends his summer vacation in the French and Swiss Alps climbing the ridges of the highest European mountains.

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