Gillian McIver  

The River    
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Gillian McIver

Born: Northumbria, UK. Raised in Canada. Currently based in London.

Studied history, literature and philosophy in Canada, then film and new media studies in London. Has been exhibitng professionally since 1997. Works as a film-maker and fine artist in video, with some practice in photography and mixed media. Interested in issues of site-specific art practice, new media theory, collaborative arts and transcultural practice.

"I am interested in revealing images which are very strong; that offer a glimpse of past worlds and indistinct realities; where the boundaries between fiction and documentary blur, and memories take on a life of their own."

"I made The River duribng a hot Russian summer on the banks of the River Oka. A group of artists were making a site-specific art project in the ruins of a former industrial site in the city fo Nizhny Novgorod. Living by the river every day as we worked onsite, I came to realise why the motif of the river as a place of rebirth and regeneration has such resonance. The river gave us inspiration, relaxation, and beauty."