Filthy Rich
                                            Boys who would like me
                               The best platform from which to jump
                                                    The long-distance thing; whereabouts
                                       Let's solve the world's problems
                                                         Ideal lover
                                        Self-deprecating euphemism
                                                        Act like 4-year olds
                                               Face the consequence through others
                                                          Face the condiments
                                                                     Thank 'You'
                                          Emotional affairs with friars
                                                    Half-emotional but still men
                                                                   Of course you are!
                                                I imagined myself a courtesan
                                                            Solitary pleasures
                                                     Chocolate-Covered Caramel Crust
                                                                       Click Here
                                         Just like a paperback novel (the kind that drugstores sell)
                                                           Anal-Retention Strategist
                                                               A very specific niche
                                                    Save the elephants
                                                    Can't live without biography