Unnecessary Deployment

                              When almonds are in . . .
                      Chocolate takes a spin
                        or just a therapeutic exercise
            Let's unite the country into "one great neighborhood"
                          & purge its commercial motives
                  How distance tinkers with our thoughts
                         We might even stop
             talking with each other
                        One particular unbroken flow of verse
                   A sandbar left at bottom
                        She had nothing but trouble with the men
                                       she loved
                     Of course they were sick to death of poverty
                The cocks won't fight
                        the appropriate forces
              A milk moustache pressing on the lifeless button
                             In an upbeat team-oriented . . .
                   How do we think this shit and not puke?
                          exchange a few polite words
                                     Be tempted with free vodka?
                      Alliances die from the pain of a crushed
                        Animal, crushed liberation
                 the good things of life utterly stupified
               In a system of intimidation that reduces everybody
                                   to a state of cretinism
                        A meaningless continuity
                           Helping to set up new "platforms"
                                  of joy
                 White and motionless, prepared
                           And preceded by the lite
                      Presented as the truth plucked apart
                                 with a din
              Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily . . .
                                 Row into sleep and feel no pain
                       Make this only for its duration
                 Do you think the money is buried within the snow
                          of a Tibetan ravine?
                      I can read the lines of your grave
                             Click Here
                   Swing low Sweeney Todd
                            Gobble! Gobble!