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 A U D I O
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Or Just Plain Deep

          This morning I got up and looked at the sun.

I then went and listened to the clock as it made music
on the mantelpiece.

I'm Heavy..... I'm Heavy..... I kept singing to myself.

I went down the street and everybody just turned around.
Not because I looked good or dressed nice or walked
funny because I'm Heavy.

I went to work, got high in that library—high off how
I felt—and said "Heavy." And when I went to cash my
check one teller looked at another and said "Heavvvy."

I can't understand it. The way I look at a tree, a bumblebee,
a piece of grass, to me, it's more, deeper, like God

When I'm forty I'll write my life story. Some people
will say I'm proud, some will say I'm smart, others just
plain stupid.

But whatever happens, as long as I live, I'll know that

                           I'm Heavy.