Dulled by Jackhammers

Until we understand the eagle's eye
the ear of an owl, agility of an octopus,
depths of the sea, speed of the Cheetah,
memory of an elephant, wings of a hummingbird,
a child's first cries, the look in the lover's eyes.
the reason love blooms or dies,
We won't esteem what now needs full devotion--
what's not the answer anthropomorphized as divinity.

We who live in cities own the power,
keep hateful dominion over all animals.
Kept in concrete captivity among church steeples,
our sense of smell is dusty oil,
our ears dulled by jackhammers,
our fingers touch plastic computer keys
our eyes focus on screaming screens,
Hollywood murders and special effects of blood
as sexual horrors, our tight designer jeans hurt
our bellies too full of fast-food that tempts and taunts us to guilt;
we breathe carbon dioxide and with our headaches
ignore the sizzling overcooked earth--
our only Mother as She spins a flag of sparkling blue waters
round as the sun, carrying us through infinity.
Our city critics declare our "nature poetry" obsolete--
because they do not worship the mystery,
but pray to a dead and cruel "God" spired on Wall Street
in corporate castles written up in Play Boy fairy stories