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ghetto daughter

i grew up on white bread
and rainbow colored sugar water
1973 boogie daughter
brought into a new world
of would-be order
tore the door off its hinge
i am the celibate whore
fringe dweller bingeing off of wine
in a friend of mine's cellar
a mind is a hell of a thing to use
but we'd rather "bling-bling" the jewels
and swing with crews
who bring the chicken wings and booze
and sing the blues
when cops go ballistic
my mind state remains optimistic
even though some sistas opt to kiss dick
jism is… umm….
not my favorite kind of lipstick
and everybody wants to be a critic
judge me with slanted eyes and pick apart
my heart with chopsticks
got theories and criticisms
on which they wax prolific
ask specific questions like:
is she a dyke? is she a poet? Is she a rapper?
is she a spoken word ar-teest???
feast you eyes on hip-hop futuristic
imitation is automatic
just watch those white boys start to mimic
got their gimmick down to a science
but I got it down to a mathematic
technique telepathic
I vibe your psychiatric
fuck the wack lyrics and magic hat tricks
I tell stories of tragic black chicks
with strategic tactics of hustling ducats
just to get they crack fix
or they smack hit
or they cigarette packet
this is that unnerving urban black shit
one minute you got static
the next minute you a statistic
or suicidal with your wrist slit
or spastic with your ass kicked
cause survival aint no picnic
so what you got up in your basket?
with that spaceship intergalactic
nouveau negroes be fake like plastic
ya hear me?
merely afrocentric puppets
speaking on afrocentric subjects
but whose pulling their strings?
I brings the introduction of the ruff shit
redefining the black aesthetic
the prelims are merely cosmetic
take a walk thru where I'm from
and leave with a tree limb as a prosthetic
and I'm not trying to be melodramatic
when I tell you my mother
was and still is and addict
got my ass kicked everyday
for trying to take her crack pipe
and trying to break her crack pipe
my daddy was that mack type
epitome of all that black hype
used to watch the bastard get plastered
on cheap gin peeping into the kitchen
i'd see my mother bitching
and I was just a knotty-headed child
itching to be rich like them kids
on "different strokes"
but instead I grew up on white bread
and rainbow colored sugar water
1973 ghetto daughter
could never ignore the force
behind my strength
the source, the line, the length of time
i've spent on this planet
has never been taken for granted
the seeds of resilience have been planted
and are ready to sprout
wild and powerful form the womb
hungry enough to devour doom
so just watch this flower child bloom