Waves (A form)

I would like to present a literary form which mixes poetry and translation, and as such, encompasses both creative and translation fields. This form, while being based on a traditional approach to translation, i.e. a translation which focuses on rendering as best as possible the meaning, the rhythm and the sound of the original text, is nonetheless a creative translation, because, as we shall see, it produces new knowledge. It is also a tool, and we will see how and why.

Contributors to this project (alphabetical order):

Santiago Artozqui — Barbara Beck — Camille Bloomfield — Anne-Laure Charbonneau — Vincent Feuillet — Irène Gayraud — Lyric Hunter — Nathalie Koble — Aya Nabih — Athena Poullos —Mary Reilly — Lily Robert-Foley — Heta Rundgren — Fipsi Seilern — Lindsay Turner — Pablo Martín Ruiz — Valentina Vuchkova — Frédéric Werst


To read the whole project, open the PDF version:

Santiago Artozqui

Santiago Artozqui writes short stories, essays, poetry, and translates from Spanish and English into French. Former literary critic in La Quinzaine littéraire, he now writes in En attendant Nadeau, a web literary review. He teaches creative writing at the university Paris 7 Diderot, and is president of ATLAS, an organization for the promotion of literary translation. He’s also old and not funny, too bad for him.