Urayoán Noel


persigo traducciones lit orales     I’m chasing after lit oral translations

el litoral     la costa     the littoral     the coast     la lit oralidad     a lit orality     ni vernácula ni barroca     neither vernacular nor baroque     a flow like this Atlantic     un flujo como este Atlántico     que aborda ciudades lit orales     that encompasses lit oral cities     New York     San Juan     Rio     no hay hemisferio que valga     a hemisphere won’t cut it     transnational translation is a function of privilege     la traducción transnacional es function del privilegio     traslatio     das capital     no hay tal cosa como la auto-traducción     there’s no such thing as auto-translation        porque no hay un yo     because there’s no self     perhaps auto-strangulation     tal vez auto-estrangulación     maybe auto-triangulation     tal vez auto-triangulación     de yo y mi voz y el capital     of me and my voice and capital     ahogados por un blues occipital     drowned out by an occipital blues     there is no translation     no hay traducción     just eco-location     solo eco-localización     e-colocation     e-colocación     el eco y la canción     the echo and the song      


Pensei outra doutrina eleitoral     I thought another electoral doctrine     achei sem espera ele dourado falei que eu     found no waiting it golden told I     elite     elite     Whitney Houston     Whitney happy Houston     feliz orando gols     praying blitz goals     blitz ou raridade     or rarity     Alice horário de     Alice time to see      ver na fila de banco     in the bank queue     Mirabilândia horário samba rock     Mirabilandia time samba rock     a floresta lance     to bid forest     o filme como extra Bandicam     the
film as extra Bandicam     que abordasse horas decoradas     that addressed hours decorated     quem come pessoas loterias     eateth best lotteries people     melhor sanfona trio      people concertina Noemi trio     Noemi ferir alguém vai ligar     hurt someone will call     renascer o cara hamster     revive the guy hamster     residencial sonhando plays no SoundCloud     residential dreaming plays SoundCloud     atuador do filme     actuator film     transnacionalização do Senhor ele privilegia     transnationalization of the Lord he favors     translater das capivaras     translater of Capybara     muita força como na outra operadora     much force as the other God     Deus não sabe se tem nas horas translation     operator does not know if you have the time translation     porque não avisou     because not warned     equalizar sinal selfie     equalize sign outside selfie     fora os cães e os sons     dogs and the sounds     fale bem auto extra no Brasil     speak and auto extra in Brazil     baby hora One Direction     baby time One Direction     fazer versão triangular filmes     make triangular version movies     perdoe-me você capital     forgive me you capital     as minhas mais cedo do cabaré     my earlier salty cabaret     salgado por um blitz hospitalar     by a dreamgirls hospital blitz     dreamgirls Paraná superou bullying     Paraná surpassed translation     seleção translation     selection bullying     no extra do filme     in extra Justin film     Justin coloquei sim     put rather sleep     sono ecolocalização     echolocation     e coloquei sim     and put yes     e colocar filmes     and put carousel     elenco da carrossel     cast films     ficar com o ânus     stick to the anus


“translatitudes” is a smartphone improvisation recorded while walking along the beach in Far Rockaway, NYC, in August 2016. It is based on WOKITOKITEKI, an ongoing bilingual, improvisational vlog that explores poetics at the intersection of walking, talking, and “tech-ing.” This particular piece performs and comments on a baroque/vernacular poetics of self-translation, seeking an embodied, localized, and mediated "lit oral"/"littoral" alternative to translation’s imperious/imperial trans-nations.  “Tudocelular” is a homophonic translation of “translatitudes”—accomplished by reading the original into the speech-recognition tool Dictation.io set to Brazilian Portuguese—along with the GoogleTranslate English version of the homophonic translation. While elements of my Caribbean Spanish survive in the Brazilian Portuguese text (in keeping with their linguistic littorals), the English portions tend to foreground superficial pop culture or technological terms as well as some stereotypically Brazilian references, as if to highlight the technology’s algorithmic bias. For its part GoogleTranslate produces the ugliest of texts, doing significant syntactic and semantic violence, and revealing the bankrupt hegemony of global translatability.  


Urayoán Noel

Urayoán Noel

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Urayoán Noel lives in the Bronx, teaches at NYU, and is a 2016-2017 Howard Foundation fellow in literary studies, as well as the author, most recently, of Buzzing Hemisphere/Rumor Hemisférico (Arizona) and In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam (Iowa). Learn more at urayoannoel.com, urayoannoel.bandcamp.com, and wokitokiteki.com, a bilingual, improvisational poetry vlog.