Tanka Uprety

Water Well of Darkness

Once in, I switched
the lights on and darkness
leapt out of the windows, frantic.

Also turned the lights outside on,
darkness ran off,
clambered up the fence
and sat on it, a frightened beast.

From the cedar tree on the horizon
the Sun came down on earth
and hunted darkness away.

I too melted in the light,
and whipped the darkness out.
You’d have noticed it,
happiness oozing from the walls
of my heart as it returned from afar.

I turned to look;
there remains even today
in my own courtyard
a water well of darkness.

Translated from the Nepali by Yuyutsu Sharma

Tanka Uprety

Hailing from Eastern Nepal, a known name among younger generation of Nepali language poets, Tanka Uprety has published three poetry collections, including Gajur Paglera and Niguroko Kharani (Long narrative poems). Currently he works for Nepal Television.