Chunky Shrestha

City’s Evening Lights

The evening city's lights
were blown off, they murdered
supremacy of the ultimate truth.
Carrying their smarting snouts
soaked in blood, the wolves stalked
the corridors of Singh Durbar
where the legislators were debating
the lusty figure of Miss Nepal, Mallaika Subba.
In the lightness gloom of a murky dusk
waking from a fake dream of democracy
I too strangled the soul of my soul.

Translated from the Nepali by Yuyutsu Sharma

Chunky Shrestha

Chunky Shrestha ( alias Avaya Shrestha) lives in  Gundu village of satellite town, Bhaktapur of the Kathmandu Valley. Recipient of Garima Gadhya Samman and Pragya Katha Puruskar, he has published two books, Tesro Kinara, (Short Stories) and Kayakalp, (Poems).