Anita R. Ratnam




IN ESSENCE draws upon much of what I have experienced in my life- the frustrations, disappointments, grief, ecstasy, devastation and freedom. The choreography draws from various poems and moments in Rabindranath Tagore’s words - the body in search of its original atom, movement yearning for a response. The contrasting moods and speeds reflects the jagged edges of the mind and body.

IN ESSENCE is a response to the theme -ECLIPSE - that shimmers over the words and images of this volume. The dance montage is a performer's offering in contrasts and contradictions.

Anita R. Ratnam

Anita R Ratnam is best described as an" intersectionist". Her training in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam and Kathakali has given her a distinctive movement vocabulary that she has named NEO BHARATAM, a contemporary Indian kinetic. Her acclaimed choreographies and curated dance conferences have been pathbreaking in establishing global awareness of Indian traditions. She has pioneered the largest dance portal and is a vocal advocate of contemporary dance and theatre in India. (Photo Credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann)