Zhang Jieqiang


Lying in the dark, on sweat and skin and saliva, in the hold
and heat of flesh on flesh on tongue, trafficking in intimacies and being

trafficked with somebody else who isn’t real
-ly desiring you but your import

for his salt-thirsty appetite (and yours for his),
is this transaction    unwieldy vessels    hulls

not so impermeable    freighted with gaping holes you keep
trying to stanch    trying to weather the buffets of cold and gushing

wounds    a way to have yourself transported,
whatever the means, whatever the costs, home?

Zhang Jieqiang

Zhang Jieqiang lives in Singapore. His poems have appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Kepulauan: A Collection of Poems (Ethos Books, 2014), Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English.