Laura Mullen translating Arthur Rimbaud

Who ran, marked with electric half-moons,
Gangplank queen escorted by black seahorses,
When julys with their hard thrusts collapsed
Ultramarine skies into hot weeping holes;

I who trembled, sensing from fifty leagues the groaning
Heat of Behemoths and deep Maelstroms,
Eternal spinner of blue stillnesses,
Sorry antique parapets of Europe!

I saw the astral archipelagos! And the islands
Whose delirious skies are open to the drifter:
“In these endless nights do you sleep and exile yourself,
Million birds of gold, O strength-to-be?”

Laura Mullen

Translator Bio:
Laura Mullen is the author of seven books, her eighth (Complicated Grief) is forthcoming from Solid Objects in Fall 2014. She is the Director of Creative Writing at Louisiana State University.